The most complete liturgical calendar online

Just in time for the beginning of the liturgical year, the Fraternity of St. Pius X has published the most comprehensive liturgical calendar online. This calendar follows the liturgical books of 1962, Pope Benedict XVI. authorized for use in the universal church. The Fraternity (FSSPX) offers this ministry to all priests, as well as to those who serve at the altar and the sacristy, and to all friends of the traditional liturgy of the Church.
For the first time, a full liturgical calendar is online for all Internet-based systems. In the future, you can access this calendar from any device: computers, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. The calendar contains all the liturgical instructions for the Mass and the Breviary. The calendar was created as a web app and developed mainly for smartphones. The FSSPX is proud to offer this as a service to the Church, for all, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Just go to:

Easy navigation

The liturgical calendar opens immediately for the current day to provide all the Information the user wants to find. Switching to the calendar view allows you to  jump quickly forward and find information that you may need for a specific feast. The print function allows to print a single or a certain range of days of the liturgical calendar.

Extensive content

The liturgical calendar contains all instructions for the celebration of the Mass as well as instructions for those who recite the breviary. If more information is needed, special navigation buttons will direct the user to specific information about the liturgical season and ritual norms.
The liturgical calendar is currently available in English only. If and when a German-language version follows is still open.